Fuel Filters & Accessories

At RPM Fuels & Oil Pumps we offer a range of fuel and oil filters to meet all your filtration requirements. Browse our range on the website or call us today to get expert help.

GPI Diesel Fuel Filter

The GPI 10 Micron Water & Particle Replacement Diesel Filter Cartridge for only £23.95 + VAT with FR...

From: £23.95 +VAT

The Piusi 10 Micron Oil Filter is available as a complete kit or as replacement parts and can filter...

From: £19.95 +VAT

The Golden Rod Diesel Filter is available to order as a complete, all-in-one kit or as replacement s...

From: £18.50 +VAT
Golden Rod Filter Element 496-5

The Golden Rod Filter Element 496-5 is a replacement fuel filter element for the excellent Golden Ro...

From: £24.95 +VAT
Golden Rod Filter Element 470-5

The Golden Rod Filter Element 470-5 is a Replacement Particle Only Filter Element for the highly suc...

From: £18.50 +VAT

The Cim-Tek Water and Particle Diesel Filter is the ideal solution for diesel users looking to filte...

From: £34.95 +VAT
Cim-Tek Biodiesel Water and Particle Filter

The Cim-Tek CT70236 is a water & particle filter for the filtration of B100 biodiesel down to 10 mic...

From: £59.95 +VAT
Prolube 10 Micron Diesel Fuel Filter

The Prolube 10 Micron Fuel Filter can filter diesel fuel for particles and water down to as low as 1...

From: £19.50 +VAT
Piusi Clear Captor Diesel Filter

The Piusi Clear Captor filters diesel fuel for particles and debris down to a very fine tolerance of...

From: £26.95 +VAT

The RPM Fuel & Oil Pumps Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit is everything you will need to connect y...

From: £25.00 +VAT
Mesh Filter (250 Micron)

The RPM Fuel & Oil Pumps Mesh Filter is a simple and efficient 250 micron filter that is designed to...

From: £8.95 +VAT

Fuel Filters & Accessories


At RPM Fuels & Oil Pumps you can find a fuel filter to suit your requirements. Everything from a bottom outlet tank fitting kit for home heating oil tanks right through to combined water and particle fuel tank filters for your diesel storage tank. These are available as either a replacement filter cartridge or as complete kits with filter head and filtration element.  Our fuel filters are all highly adaptable and suitable for many applications and pipe sizes.


With the increased water content in diesel and other fuels plus the increasing requirement from vehicle and machinery manufacturers for fuel to be free from water and particulates,  it is imperitive that fuel be finely filtered to protect both machinery and vehicles as well as your fuel dispesing pump.  From manufacturers such as Cim-Tek, Piusi, Great Plains Industries (GPI), Golden Rod plus many more there is a great range of fuel filters to choose from. We can provide filtration for particles only or water and particles, for pumped fuel systems or gravity feed and with filtration down as low as 5 microns or finer, there is a fuel filter to suit most needs. 


So please take time to browser through our range of fuel filters to find the right one for your requirements.  If you need assistance in choosing the right fuel filter for your storage tank then call us on 01473 787787 for advice and a prompt, cost effective solution to your fuel filtration needs.



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